How do you know if you are wearing your butt plugs properly?

Butt plugs are pure joy. They are cute, sexy and immensely versatile. Whether you are a lady or a man or same-sex couple, butt plugs can be used by just anyone. It’s because it’s meant to be inserted inside the anus and everybody- irrespective of gender and sexual orientation- has got an anus. If you are a woman, the plug will stimulate your vaginal back wall. If you are a man, it would do wonders to your prostate. And of course, a butt plug is your doorway to euphoric anal orgasms.

Are you too curious about butt plug and wish to try one yourself or with your partner? Hey, that’s just awesome- but you have to make sure to wear it properly. Some people find the toy hurtful or difficult solely because they couldn’t insert the toy properly. Once you insert it right, you will soon find yourself in a realm of heavenly pleasure and ecstasy.

But how to know if you are not wearing your butt plug properly? Well, there are some telltale signs that you should look out for:

  • Your plug is hurting your anus real bad
  • You are not feeling a snug fit with the plug inside
  • You are feeling extreme discomfort with the plug inside

Now, it must be mentioned here it’s not unnatural to feel “slight” discomfort or pain when you insert your anus. It’s because the anus is designed to release things and not take things inside. When you insert the plug, you go against the usual design and hence there could be little discomfort or pain initially. Also, the anal muscles are extremely soft and vulnerable. Thus, it’ natural to feel a stinging pain when you insert the plug for the first time inside the anal passage.

But, again, that’s for the initial sessions and usually bearable. If the pain becomes unbearable then you should know something is terribly wrong and you must remove the plug immediately. You might also feel pain if you aren’t wearing right size of plug.

Here is a brief on the proper usage of butt plug so that you can enjoy the toy at its fullest, without the fear of severe pain and discomfort.

Start with foreplay

You can’t just push your butt plug into your anus just after you open the box. You need to get into the right mood before you start your plug play. It’s great if you are with your partner. Both of you can indulge in a solid oral to stimulate yourselves. Passionate kisses, sucks and caress will be great to prepare your body and mood for the anal plug.

If you are flying solo, you can stimulate yourself by masturbating with finger or with the help of a vibrator.

Clean the plug

Basically, this step should be carried before you two get into foreplay. You should always clean the plug before use. If it’s a silicone plug, you can clean it in warm soapy water. If it’s made of metal or steel or glass, you can disinfect the toy by putting in boiling water. Besides, if you have plans to share the plug with your partner, you should always wrap it in a condom before using it.

Stimulate with finger

Once your mood is set and the plug is cleaned, it’s time to prepare your anus. But, don’t push the plug immediately. First, you will have to stimulate the anus with fingers. You can do it yourself. But, if your partner is there, it would be more exciting to have him do it. Insert one finger first. Once you get used to it, do the same with two fingers. After you get accustomed with two fingers, it’s time to insert your butt plug.

Lube up properly before insertion

This is the most vital step when we are talking about safe plug play. The anus can’t lubricate itself. Thus, it needs external lubrication when you are about to insert a butt plug. According to doctors, you will coat the plug first. Then put some lube on anus. Silicone lubes would be great here as they last really long. But, if you are using a silicone plug, use a water-based lube instead.

Insert it gently

Now, you will press the butt plug softly against anal opening and wait till your muscles are relaxed. Your muscles will obviously be tensed given the insertion of a foreign object. So, you have to give them some time till they are ready to take the plug in. You won’t be able to insert the plug in one go if it’s the first time for you. So, after you make the first attempt, take out the plug. Lube it up again and lube up your anal again. Then, insert it.

Now, you will have to follow the same for quite a few rounds till your body gets adjusted to the whole process. If your plug is not getting inside in the first attempt, do not ever force it in. Take time- there is no harm in waiting. It’s better to go slow rather than ending up in hospital with butt plug.

After you insert the butt plug, you can keep it there and enjoy vaginal play or oral for double stimulation. Otherwise, you can also play insert and release continuously to spice things up. The best position to insert the butt plug is the doggy position. If you are alone, lay down flat on a comfortable plane, spread your legs and lift upwards. Then, insert the plug slowly.

Final words

Follow the discussion mentioned above to enjoy safe insertion of butt plug. But remember, safe butt plug use also depends on the plug you choose. Be mindful of the size of the plug especially when you are a beginner. A thick girth and long size definitely look tempting but don’t go for it immediately. Keep it in your wish list and start with a small one only. There are sizes that are essentially meant for new users. Once you get accustomed to it, you can jump to bigger sizes.

For more useful guides and care tips for your butt plugs, make sure to give Lovegasm a visit.