Being inexperienced in exploring sexuality and sensuality, I was able to learn so many things for myself and my partner during my first use.

At first, I was extremely nervous but by the time my husband arrived and we started discussing what I had wanted to work on, my nerves instantly faded away as he was open and encouraging. I’m so happy I was able to have such an amazing night!


My first time using my butt plug expanded my ability to experience joy. She put me in a state of ecstasy and held me in that space until I exploded. I felt like she pressed upon the edges of my ability to feel pleasure and enlarged my heart. My time with her exemplified what I hope to gain from an erotic encounter.


For those considering butt plugs for a sensual rubdown let me just say, don’t miss the chance! A delightfully soothing experience awaits you. I can say I never get enough of these sex toys!


My first-time experience with anal plugs was incredible and a very pleasant surprise.  My partner’s experienced hands and sensual approach to body touch were titilating as well as a wonderful, relaxing experience.  I would highly recommend buying your own anal plugs and you will never regret it!


I think using anal plugs took me to a realm of pleasure that most people never experience. Once inside, you will be transported to another place in time, where the Goddess prevailed and there was no shame. You will learn how to relax, quieting your mind, releasing inhibitions, and breathing deeply to integrate mind, body & Spirit. It will lead you on a journey sensual awareness. I found there was SO much more to experience, regarding my sexuality, of which I was unaware.

If you are open to learning and doing some body work, you will find it a rewarding experience.  This is a multi-sensory experience that will leave you breathless and offering an opportunity for you to unwind. If your heart and mind are open, this experience will fill them with light and joy.