What are Kegels and How Do They Work?

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Question: What can you tell me about kegel balls or ben wa balls? I keep hearing that they are supposed to make you tight down there. Do they really work? And if yes, how do they work?

Great question! When it comes to pelvic floor muscles, they tend to get loose as we age. Kegel balls and ben wa balls can help you strengthen them.

However, apart from being a strengthening tool, these balls can serve as fantastic sex toys as well. They will give you orgasmic feelings and sensations, not to mention that they require a minimal amount of effort while exercising your pelvic floor muscles.

Even if you dislike going to the gym, Kegel balls allow you to do exercises that will help you in the bedroom, and they also have a ton of other health benefits. But, before delving further, let’s give you the basic facts.

Kegels – what are they?

The muscle located along your pelvic floor is called a kegel muscle. However, its official name is the pubococcygeus muscle.

Let’s paint a picture here. Have you ever wanted to go to the bathroom really badly? You wanted to pee, but alas, there wasn’t a bush or a bathroom nearby. This PC muscle is what you clench to stop urination. Bet you never thought that there is a specific terminology for not bursting onto the floor!

The squeezing that you do is also the basis of regular Kegel exercises. They include repeated contractions and releases, which in turn strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Why should you do Kegel exercises?

It doesn’t matter what type of genitalia you have. Everyone can do and benefit from Kegel exercises, although women are usually the target audience. Many healthcare professionals will even suggest these exercises because they bring an array of health benefits.

Urinary incontinence, post-pregnancy vaginal recovery, vaginal prolapse prevention, and prostate gland inflammations – Kegel exercises can help with all of these concerns.

Nevertheless, even if you don’t have these problems, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the exercises. Just try to squeeze your pelvic muscles. Hold that tension for about 3 seconds, and then release and relax for another 3 seconds.

You can repeat this motion 10 to 15 times during one session, and you should have about 3 or 4 sessions per day. That’s the usual recommendation.

What’s more, you can multitask while doing them. You can do these exercises anywhere – on the subway, in class, while you’re at your desk, etc. You can do them wherever you want, and no one will ever know.

Now, apart from medical benefits, these exercises can also have a positive effect on your sex life. The tightening motion you feel while doing them is quite similar to the motion that you feel when you are climaxing. Those contractions are what you want during the climax. And, as they get stronger than before, so do your Kegels.

Furthermore, strong Kegels will also give you explosive orgasms, which is a great incentive if you think about how little effort the exercises require. And, even though your vagina will not get tighter per se, you will be able to control your vaginal muscles easily.

You can also control your orgasms and even your ejaculation. That’s why we often recommended them for premature ejaculation treatment. Also, if you have erectile dysfunction or you have a hard time reaching an orgasm – Kegels can also help.

If you want to enhance your sexual pleasure without breaking your budget, then Kegels are the easiest and the best choice. They are painless, require little or no effort at all, and they will provide you with an abundance of benefits.

But, when do I use the balls?

Now, you can do these exercises on your own. But, if you want a bit of help, you should get Kegel Balls. That way, you won’t have to focus on the contractions. You won’t have to count how many times you’ve done them, nor will you have to remind yourself to do them.

These balls will directly stimulate and activate your Kegel muscle, which is great news for all those who are not sure how to do the regular exercises or isolate the muscle itself.

These balls are body-safe and hollow, and they have small weights inside. The only thing you have to do is insert them into your vagina. That’s it – they will rest inside you, and while the weights are bouncing around, you will feel involuntary muscle contractions.

This description might sound a bit daunting, but it’s quite easy to use these balls. The contractions feel good, so you might even decide to wear the balls all day long. What’s more, no one will know they are inside of you – it will be your little orgasmic secret.

Now, before you insert Kegel balls for the first time, it’s best to lie down on your back and keep your legs relaxed. Use a lot of lube, but make sure it’s water-based. If the balls are made of silicone, a silicone-based lube might ruin them.

Slide in the balls one by one – do it at any speed you are comfortable with. If you feel pain, but you don’t normally feel pain during penetration, maybe masturbate a bit to prepare yourself. That is especially useful if the balls are big.

Once you push them upward, as far as they want to go (just like with tampons), you can stand up and go about your daily life.

Where can I get these balls?

There are many types of these balls out there, so it might be difficult to choose the right ones. Some have strings, and some are made of metal. You can also get glass kegel balls, and you can pick any weight or size.

So, how are ben wa balls different from Kegel balls? Well, Kegel balls are usually larger than ben wa balls. They have a string, and they usually have a cover made of medical grade silicone or hard plastic. Nevertheless, both of these exercisers have the same effect, and they work the same way.

However, you should keep in mind that the balls should be body safe. After all, you will be using them on a regular basis. The material must not be porous, so definitely avoid jelly and rubber. Silicone, metal, and glass are the best materials in this case.

The string shouldn’t be a braided cloth string – that’s a bacteria trap. It has to be silicone coated.

When it comes to the weight and the size, you should pick the balls you are most comfortable with. Most Kegel balls sets have a weight gradation, so you can first use the small ones and later on continue using the heavier sets. You will get a better workout if you are using the heavier sets, as they require more effort to keep them in.

Beginners should keep the Kegel balls in for about 30 minutes, and do the exercises 3 times a week. And of course, just like with weights, you can increase the amount of use as your vagina gets strong.

If you want to try out these kegel exercises, then maybe opt for balls offered by Lelo (Lelo Luna Beads), JeJoue (JeJoue Ami), and The Adult Toy Shop (Velvet Kegel Exercisers). Out of all of those, the Luna and The Adult Toy Shop balls have ball weights that you can interchange. Therefore, you can use the harness system to mix and match until you discover what’s best for you.

If your vagina is shortened, you can use the solo models. They have only one ball, which might be more comfortable for you.

All of the mentioned sets have the solo option. However, duo models are also popular. Fun Factory has SmartBalls, a set of balls that are incredible because of their jiggle factor. But, even though some sets are best used for post-childbirth conditions, you can use any one of these sets comfortably, whether you’ve had children or not.

There’s also the Aneros Peridise if you are interested in unisex Kegel exercisers. Anyone can use that tool, and it’s pretty easy to figure out how to use it. You can insert it anally and keep it in by using the same Kegel contractions.

However, bear in mind that vaginal Kegel balls should not go into your anus. They don’t have a flared base, which means that they can easily get stuck. Thus, you would then have to visit the ER and explain what you have been up to.

Is there anything else I should know?

If you orgasm while the balls are inside of you, then lucky you! It’s not that surprising if that happens, though – Kegel balls are that awesome, and just by moving around, you can easily orgasm.

The jiggle factor can also be enhanced if you jump up and down, run or ride a car or bus. The muscle will contract as if you have just had a quickie rendezvous, not a work commute.

You can do a lot of things while the balls are inside you. Try to stimulate your clitoris while they are in, or use an anal exerciser while you masturbate.

Lastly, don’t just do the Kegel exercises before you have sex. You should actively try to do them while in the middle of sex. It might feel amazing, and it’s a great way to bring new pleasures to your genital region.

Kegel exercises can give you a tight, pulsating vagina or a strong, rock-hard erection. Either way, they are just what the sex doctor ordered, so you should start as soon as you can!